FB March 23/17

k I can’t predict the future, obviously. But if you look at the whole picture, you can see the muslim advances, overseas. But the countries over there, England, France, Holland, Netherlands, Germany and turkey are not gun cultures. Canada and especially the U.S. are gun cultures. There are a lot of guns out there and when the muslims push too hard, the people will say to hell with the cops and law and come out shooting. A lot of muslims will get dead very quickly. Muslims come out shooting. A lot of muslims will get dead very quickly. Muslims basically are cowards. You will notice in videos, it’s alway 5 or 6 men picking on 2 girls. It’s alway an armed gang of 40 or 50 beating up 10 or 15 unarmed people. When we reach the point where the guns come out, it just might spell the end for the muslims. I can’t wait.
My Reply to the above poster – name not showing.
Rhonda Ann Godwin There’s more. The more is why CBC stopped/blocked me from commenting on their site ten years ago. I wrote on Canada Day 2007, in response to the many unreported murders by the RCMP of several innocent young Canadian men, the murder of Ian Bush (go to Mostly Water site if it hasn’t been dismantled) in particular started my investigation into what I had predicted 15 yrs prior to Ian’s murder of our becoming a defacto police state. I told Canadians to rise up against these murders. I explained that generally we were different. As the bulk of us descend from pioneers & Indians (DNA has proven anyone of pioneer stock has some native in them if their ancestors have been here for 200 yrs. or more & there’s 10’s of thousands, perhaps millions of us. We are fortunate in that with this mix we have a greater physical endurance than your average European. This is not well publicized but very true. Also, the pussies stayed in the UK and Europe while their stronger, braver counterparts dared to come to the New World. These weaklings, the ones too fearful to cross the ocean, are why you are seeing them being overrun in their countries today. We, NA, already got their best. No, we don’t have to take Trudeau’s shit.

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