Off it’s axis – Women’s meat.

Sorry but they missed the mark here. The most expensive “food” in the world, bar none, is not mushrooms or black chicken or moose cheese or anything else. It’s “Women’s meat.” Something that few talk about openly but many are aware of (it’s the old Biblical line: Ask the man/woman by the wayside). The Picton Pig Farm in B.C. Canada brought a little out on the topic when the authorities admitted that “traces” of human DNA were found in the ground pork destined for consumers around the country but that was only a smoke screen for the real truth. Hundreds of girls and women have gone missing and continue to do so to fill the demand for the most expensive commodity in our universe which I’ve been told is very sweet. Think again.

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Rhonda Ann Godwin
Rhonda Ann Godwin Some believe, and apparently there’s scientific evidence to back it up, the earth is spinning off its axis. Something about the poles -some say they’ve flipped but that is not what is happening. Basically the planet has tipped – even a few degrees throws everythng off – especially us, it seems. If you were here & I spun a chain for you I could show you what’s happening.This was prophesied in the Book of Isaiah, approx. 5000 yrs. ago (no-one has been able to definitively tell how long ago she – yes, its been proven the first 40 chapters were written by a woman – and later her grandson wrote the remaining 26 chapters known as Isaiah – interesting how this info has been suppressed, isn’t it?). So you are right, Teresa. Many have lost their minds. Pray. Keep yours. There will be an end to this shit.

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