Miracles, not murder, Mohammed!

Rhonda Ann Godwin 3 % of the world’s population, only, has ever been completely healed of psoriasis, or so I read some 25 yrs. ago. I am in that category. I saw a South African skin specialist who was actually giving his patients a “cocktail” the Swedes had discovered caused psoriasis. I don’t remember what it was but it was an antibiotic, maybe tetracycline & something else. I was covered from the top of my head to my soles. Huge yellow pustules on my hands & feet. I was in my shower one day & said, God, if you are real, please take this away from me. It was gone in 4 days and has never reared its head again. The evil doctor nearly died when he ran into me in a little black dress in a mall a few months after I stopped my 4 times weekly visits to his office for bizarre, dangerous treatment. A bunch of these doctors from SA were deported soon after from SK.


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