Chopper Swarmed!

Aw. Well, one of my girls is just like that too. She was with me once out in a campground in the lower mainland BC and I was talking on my cell inside my airstream, trying to get my lawyer in Calgary to charge the police with harrassment when the RCMP or CSIS decided to swarm my camper with a helicopter. The glasses were shaking on the counter. Everything. She almost had a heart attack at 19. They can stick their robots up their you know whats. God told me when to get out – under cloud cover – and I got away from those bastards. Swear in Jesus’ name.
Rhonda Ann Godwin
Rhonda Ann Godwin They swarmed me another time after that. When I told anyone they screamed, “You’re CRAZY!” About three years later the cops in Edmonton swarmed with helicopters, an apartment bldg., where 3 young guys lived. All late teens. Finally they landed & broke into their apt. They ended up killing one of the kids. The whole reason for the “bust” was bcz one cop thought they were selling pot. Turns out they were not – why it came out in the news. Probably swarmed quite a few but honest. I kept getting the psg. in the Bible where Moses led them out, part of the way, under cloud cover & that’s what I did. Waited, then sold my camper & boogied out at night when it was completely cloudy. Survived.

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