FB Answering an Atheist.

Roy McClure FYI Was invited to do my masters in Theology at STM in the early 90’s and also invited by the Wycliffe Society in 2001 to help compose & edit a newer translation of their bible so you might understand that yes, you’re addressing a biblical scholar. You must be a fair distance from 18, Roy. Perhaps you might go back with a true desire this time for enlightenment and read it again, slowly, carefully. With the grace of God you might understand the underlying message, providing you have matured accordingly. My perspective, which I’m sure you don’t give one whit for, is unique in that while raised in a devout yet highly unconventional (Amen.Thank you, Mom & Dad.) Protestant home I was always Catholic in spirit as a seeker of more information, more truth. Elemental: the Protestants removed too many books of which my soul hungered for the missing Knowledge. Yet, I am aware both houses were inspired causing me to understand the schism in the Church and the result of Christ’s words, “My churches shall be filled full of generations of vipers.” Those vipers have laid the foundation for the false prophet, Mohammed, and his disciples to run roughshod over the entire world, and closed your eyes to the truth. Hope it gets better for you.


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