Enlighten, shine a light!

Can’t see Christianity making it either if the Church doesn’t reform itself & quickly gather back its flock who have rightly, in too many cases, left in droves. We were instructed, before the Church was even a Church, to “have no divisions in the Church” by the Apostle Paul, who, incidentally, bloody loved women despite what you may have read – he gave churches, whole churches to run to 3 different women! Yeah, woman hater, like Trump who trusts his daughter’s gut more than any one elses on earth. I love him! Christ says in the New Testament, “They will pervert my very word!” Indeed, they have. He said, “My churches will be filled full of generations of vipers!” (The pedarists.) The Church must go through drastic reform or we are lost. Like St. Francis of Assisi who had a vision where Christ Himself told Francis we are to love & take very good care of our animals, I had an event from Him where He showed me where His word had been perverted in certain places & one in particular, with regard to (And no, I’m a traditionalist from another era, not gay & doubt I ever will be.) how gays are to be treated well & I finally got it. Mercy. Hate & confusion are pretty hard on a body, generally. There are very good reasons for this & I was shown them. Seriously. So.. ..don’t let’s even think of losing the battle with the Islamics who will kill us all! “Is there no King in you?” Start asking for what we need to do to survive, people!


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