Haiti: His muscle!

Hey, did you see that video where Oprah says the older generation of racists simply has to die? She’s cukoo. Had personal altercation with the tyrantess. Dislikes whites intensely. Is horribly clever. Has done some good and now it seems, the good has gone bad. How sad. I started seeing people I loved, turn, years ago. Doctors who had experimented on me. Neighbors who’d told me their deepest secrets, my friend’s Mom whom I’d seen true kindness in. It blew my brain. But you get to the point where there’s only a few you can trust, eh? Mostly yourself & your Maker. We are never alone. We just get pissed off with not seeing. Fashioned in His/Her image! Mean assholes. See what He finally did to Haiti???? Know, any of you what they did? A public admission of a deal with the Devil to get their own island. Then immediately killed off the 200 whites. Off to sleep now. Good night to each & every traveller who here sojourns!


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