After they kill all the white people they will have to kill all white cats, white dogs, white birds, white fish bcz they know Our Maker made a terrible error – beautiful beings that came to help them but could only do so by remaining alive and healthy themselves. Gonna cut their own demonic throats! HAITI MADE A PUBLIC DECLARATION STATING TO THE ENTIRE WORLD: IN ORDER TO GAIN INDEPENDENCE THEY HAD LITERALLY MADE A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL, PROUDLY CLAIMED THEY WERE IN LEAGUE WITH SATAN – NO BULLSHIT! WHEN GRANTED, RESOURCE RICH HAITI IMMEDIATELY MURDERED THE 2OO WHITES ON THE ISLAND. LOOK AT WHAT THEY, THE BROWN MEN AND WOMEN, IN LEAGUE WITH THE DEVIL, DID TO THE COUNTRY THEY HAD GAINED? HIGHEST CHILD TRAFFICKERS IN THE WORLD, BAR NONE, FOR STARTERS! MURDER, CORRUPTION TILL HELL WOULDN’T HAVE IT! WHAT WILL THE DEMONIC ISLAMICS GAIN OR THE MILITANT BLACK LIVES MATTERS GAIN BY KILLING THE WHITES? Sweet Fuck All! MOST OF YOU DON’T KNOW THAT WHEN OUR GOD DECIDED TO TAKE A BUNCH OF THE DIRTY FUCKER OUT IN HAITI 7 years ago He hit them one day but few heard that He came back the very next day and did it again! The filthy corrupt elites immediately got on planes & flew to Chile who announced it would take in all who could get there. Within two weeks Chile experienced the worst/only earthquake it had had in decades. God got the filthy Haitians & the evil Chileans who decided, against His will, to harbour evil. IN 2005 CANADA CHOSE AS IT’S GOVERNOR GENERAL AN ELITE HAITIAN, MICHELLE JEAN! I KNEW THEN WE’D BEEN TARGETTED. WAKE YOUR PEOPLE UP, CANADA!


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