White women clairvoyants

*Read through all, including brackets then go back and re-read, ignoring what’s written in the brackets for greater clarification. Clairvoyant, I don’t know what the term has really come to mean today but these ancient women’s knowledge, however it came to them, obviously was correct. So in essence they were true prophets of God. He/She, whatever you will (A rose by anyother name is still a rose.) was obviously on their side and so they overcame all of their enemies. There are and have always been many false prophets. I saw a major natural disaster 15 years before it occured. In the last 3 months, only, several American astrologers, sooth sayers, suddenly saw it coming on. I had warned no-one, as instructed, because no force on earth was stopping it. It was for the corruption, which I knew absolutely nothing about at the time – just like Haiti. The late seers saw with too little time to warn anyone, for this old evil that had transversed to the New World. I also believe I was shown what the place was all about as someone in my close sphere was wanting me & my most precious to go to the very location to become part of what was calling the disaster on.(The fallen.) Call me delusional is you like. THERE ABSOLUTELY IS THE PREMISE OF AN “IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME” and people all over the globe will suddenly have the same “inspired” and “unique” thought. A new idea they have not heard of from anyone else. You can think this is the little green men with their tin hat agenda or the elites manipulating us with subliminal messaging or you understand this is God who was before the beginning of this world, is and will ever be. OUR BATTLE IS SPIRITUAL AND OF COURSE IF ENOUGH PURE HEARTS, DOESN’T HAVE TO BE VERY MANY, COLLECTIVELY (Power in numbers?) UNITE AND BESEECH GOD (The filth of today is so boundless, worldwide, that we probably need more than a few great pray-ers). It is written that in the last days there will many prophesying truth, through visions, dreams, knowings, and yes, signs and wonders. Prophets didn’t stop because the Bible stopped being written. Christ said his very word would be perverted. The Bible had been being written for thousands of years before Christ but John put a stop to that. Was it His will? Maybe. Maybe not. Incidentally, many were burnt at the stake as witches who experienced, first hand, His grace, as healers, and true prophesyers. HE WILL CLEAN UP, AND IT WILL BE THROUGH A NATURAL (Not Harp fucking with us.) DISASTER TO SHOW US WHO REALLY IS WHO (Watch the Soros, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and their ilk try to escape.) THIS WORLD WILL ALWAYS BE HERE, BUT NOT AS WE KNOW IT, AS THE ENTIRE EARTH WILL BE TURNED TO WHITE (PURIFIED) ASH THROUGH THE ENTIRE EARTH BEING CAUGHT ON FIRE. IT IS WRITTEN. We will rise out of the ash! The Lion of Judah, who may have come as the Lamb to strengthen, enlighten us to more that is mostly still not understood, except the bottom line has alway been, was here before the Beginning and will exist long after the world, as we know it, ends,will return as the Lion. God likes variety. Maybe there’s even a rapture, for some, five things can happen to us after we die according to Samuel. So…..I want to go directly to Nirvana but doubt I’ll make it! Valhalla….lo, there do I see my father, and my mother, and my sister and my brother. Lo, they do call me from the halls of Valhalla where the brave (Lions, Lionesses) shall live forever!


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