Jews on FB: Stop Islamization of Canada

Sandra Solomon stands on Palestinean Flag in photo below in Washington DC. (flag of her birth place even though Palestine is Not a Country. Jordon is Palestinean) and dances on Saudi Flag in Video in Canada below. (the 100 % sharia country she was raised) Not proud of this and stand against this type of demonstration. We do not condone any of these actions or Saudi’s poor human rights .record or treatment of non Muslim countries or their Jihad caliphate or terrorist support. We also do not condone this careless publicity stunt act of war. It is going too far and is NOT Peaceful and is NOT the way of Conservative Canadians. NOT the Message Canadians want to send nor is it the way of many religious groups especially Christians and aboriginals of Canada.We have worked closely with Solomon, have supported her efforts. We also have worked tirelessly for our Country as have many other Canadians in a team effort on behalf of our Country who are not seeking recognition. We are supporters of “Peaceful Demonstrations” against Our Government who are changing our Country. Canada is in trouble. This is about Canada and waking up Canadians . It is not all about Solomon. Where is Her support of Canadians individuals groups pages or press efforts? We must Stand together as Canadians to continue to fight for our Country and recognize we all play a roll without stooping to their level.

Is it fair of you to criticize Sandra Solomon for what you have here? Seems patheticly petty. Are you doing as much for Israel? Maybe you’d like to but haven’t quite succeeded? She has done a lot to help Israel with her highly visible and very public affirmations of the Jews/Israel. Yet you would feel it necessary to stab her in the back, so to speak. She is one brave woman with limited resources who deserves a pat on the back, not a knife.  Shame. Change your stance or I will not be liking your page and I imagine countless others will feel the same.

I did miss the part of Sandra’s standing on the flags & again I say, in comparison to the govts. representing those flags & their total disregard for human life, coupled with what Sandra has gone through under those flags (walk a mile in her moccasins) I do not think her actions are deplorable or against a person of conservative beliefs. The Canadian way? Let Trudeau peacefully swamp us with Islamic fundamentalists? If something doesn’t change many Canadians will be stompimg our own flag, screaming “Look what you have done to my country!” I’m indigenous. I speak for me. I appreciate her passion, as clearly, many people who are even more than “old stock” Canadians do & wish the milk toast rest would grow some guts before it’s too late – obviously they don’t really care enough to do that. Sandra does.


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